Welcome to INomun 2019!

This year’s theme : Ensuring long-lasting peace in conflictual areas

   Inomun, (International North Model United Nations), is a three-day conference, organized by students in Lille for students from France and Europe to debate to debate on current issues and vote for a resolution. Inomun is an English speaking Model United Nations conference organised by students from the International British Sections of the Lycée International Montebello (Lille) and Lycée Wallon (Valenciennes).

    For the fifth time this year, we have the honour to welcome the delegates and their teachers for in the Hôtel de Région of Lille.



How about a little more information on what’s going on? Find in the Press section articles on the latest news on the UN, the current world issues and what countries are doing to fight facing these issues. Learn all about The freedom of a country and Geopolicy and the United Nation’s biggest struggle. Make sure to check out our monthly articles that are related to this year’s subject.



the committees

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