Is lille a city interesting to visit, outside the conference time?

Of course! Lille is a city well known for its beautiful historic buildings, its fantastic museums and great food! Known as the capital of the northern Hauts-de-France region, Lille has a reputation as a hard-working industrial city, and has a fabulous historical centre. Until it was invaded by Louis XIV in 1667 Lille was actually Flemish, and this heritage is clear in the city’s architecture. We highly encourage you to wonder around the town if you have time!

does inomun offer a valuable experience for further political studies?

INOMUN is not only a place of sharing and fun but also a place where knowledge is at the heart of. Many of our former delegates have said that such conferences have helped them grow confident and decide what kind of studies they would like to consider doing. Participating in INOMUN is an opportunity to be introduced to a new vision of society, to develop awareness of the world surrounding us and the ability to speak in front of a crowd in a foreign language.

How old is inomun?

INOMUN is, this year, 5 years old! Founded in 2015, the conference has been for the past years, the 3 days all students from across France most wait for…

does INOMUn have a mascot?

Well… Obviously. Have you not yet met the INOMUNICORN? What are you waiting for? Our beloved unicorn was created in 2015 by a student named Marcel Farge, a former member of the Social Event Team. The INOMUNICORN is very important to the conference and is always there to cheer up our amazing delegates! Thank you Mr. Farge!