Inomun’s 4th edition : march 2018


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migration flows

Protect the human rights of all migrants, regardless of their status, by addressing the specific needs of migrants in vulnerable situations, such as women at risk, children, disabled people, victims of violence or trafficking, among others. Indeed, the Member States are committed to ensuring the human fundamental rights of all migrant children, as they need to be protected from violence, exploitation or trafficking, as well as ensuring access to the basic services such as education, health care or justice.


The committees

  • Historical Council : The Bangladesh liberation war against Pakistan in 1971-72.

  • UNEC: Promoting inclusive growth, economic cooperation and integration between LEDCs and MEDCs.

  • UNICEF: Accompanying isolated and underaged migrants: The right to a full education and residency.

  • UN WOMEN : The empowerment of migrant woman through birth control policies and medical aid.

  • FAO: How to feed the growing population in megacities (due to South-South migration) and reduce poverty and inequalities ?

  • UNHCR : Inhumane living conditions in refugee camps: lack of access to primary necessities

  • UNEP : How to react to migrations caused by climate change ?

  • ISC: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its repercussions on security in the region : focusing on the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

  • General Assembly: Migration, threat or opportunity ? Making the political, economic, social and environmental choices to improve a world dominated by flows of people and ideas.