general assembly


working towards long lasting peace in conflict areas

Every day on our phones, in newspapers, on the radio, on television, in the streets, we learn about new conflicts arising. These have become part of our daily lives and do not seem shocking anymore : violence has been banalised, and peace seems inaccessible.

Long lasting peace is one of the most complex issues that has been enduring. Divergence of religion, of culture, of language, of perspectives are at the core of tensions and fear.

Inequalities and hegemonies do not cease to rise since we make war to the unknown, to cultures that are not ours, to systems that differ. However, our societies should be tied together and we should have learnt from our history.

Our multicultural world needs to be protected at all costs in order to prevent new tensions from emerging. Therefore, to insure security, long lasting world peace needs to be addressed.

Today, we must search a way to facilitate inter comprehension and understanding, leading directly to tolerance and open-mindedness that, themselves, lead to sustainable peace: the main social, economic and political goal.

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